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Building websites isn't our expertise​. As you can see, we still have a lot of work to do ... . Luckily SAP's EHS, PLM and Sustainability Solutions is what we do best. Hence, while we slowly continue to build this website, we can already help you with what you really came here for. Just contact us at:



We will help you with advice, implementation and support of these applications, building on many years of experience in this area. Thesus is a small and focused company that takes great pride in delivering "durable" services. It means we value as much short-term and long-term in everything we do. Below you find a detailed list of our core expertise:

  • Environment Health & Safety (EH&S) 

    • Product Safety 

    • Hazardous Substance Management

    • Dangerous Goods Management

    • Global Label M​anagement 

  • ​Environment Health & Safety Management (EHSM)

    • Incident Management

    • Risk Assessment​

  • Product LifeCycle Management (PLM)

    • Recipe Management (RM)

    • Recipe Development (RD)

    • Variant Configuration

    • Engineering Change Management

    • Classification​

  • R​​​ecycling Administration (REA)

  • Su​stainability Performance Management (SuPM)

Talk to you soon!


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